5 Best Cheap GPU Hosting 2024 (Compared)

Cheap GPU hosting is a game-changer for individuals and businesses who need powerful computing resources without breaking the bank. This article dives into the world of affordable GPU hosting services, which are essential for tasks like machine learning, data analysis, and graphics rendering.

With options starting as low as $0.01/hour, we explore a variety of services that offer not just competitive pricing but also robust features such as scalability, advanced security, and global infrastructure. From giants like Google Cloud to specialized providers like TensorDock and GPU Mart, we’ve rounded up the top seven choices to help you find the right fit for your computing needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this guide aims to simplify the complex landscape of GPU hosting, making it accessible and understandable for everyone.

The Top 5 Best Cheap GPU Hosting

1. Gpu-Mart

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  • Specializes in professional GPU Hosting
  • Rapid processing & reliable uptime
  • 19+ models of GPU cards supported
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Starting at $21/month
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  • Ability to handle complex applications
  • Multiple Windows & Linux O/S Options
  • Cost-effective hosting solutions
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee


  • High network latency can be a hindrance
  • Hardware maintenance can be time-consuming

Gpu-Mart is the cheapest GPU Hosting for high-performance computing projects. Its advanced infrastructure supports 19+ models of GPU cards, offering powerful speed and processing capacity for complex applications like simulations, game development, deep learning algorithms, and more.

Leveraging its multiple data center locations in the USA, Gpu-Mart ensures a speedy and optimum experience for its users.

When it comes to pricing and plans, Gpu-Mart is known for cost-effective hosting solutions. Their pricing starts at a modest $21/month, providing an inexpensive and accessible service. From GPU VPS to dedicated GPU servers, they cater to a range of needs and budget constraints.

Whether rental or long-term use, Gpu-Mart’s dedicated servers characterized by high parallelism, high throughput, and low latency provide a robust and reliable solution for your hosting requirements.

Moreover, Gpu-Mart provides an impressive 99.9% uptime guarantee for their GPU dedicated servers and networks and offer 24/7 technical services ensuring all your concerns are addressed promptly.

Given its specialized service in GPU hosting, a broad range of GPU models, cost-efficient plans, and excellent customer support, Gpu-Mart remains a top consideration for users seeking high-performance computing solutions.

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2. Hostkey

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  • Professional online GPU cards available
  • Options for servers with pre-installed frameworks
  • High-performance CPUs and fast NVMe disks
  • Unmetered 1 Gbps for Free
  • Starting at €70/month
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  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable performance and robust security
  • Diverse server options
  • Long-term customer satisfaction


  • Occasional technical issues and downtime
  • Inadequate customer support response times
  • Instances of reduced network performance over time
  • Concerns around company’s operational transparency

Hostkey is widely recognized for its tailored GPU hosting services. Their servers, often paired with online GPU cards like RTX A4000 / A5000 / A6000, are ideal for tasks requiring high-load data processing such as 3D modeling, rendering, machine learning, VR, VDI, and working with large data sets.

Customers have the freedom to rent a server with or without pre-installed frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, and Caffe2. This allows users to start leveraging high-powered computing capacity without the need for complex setup procedures.

Hostkey’s competitive pricing models have been highlighted by users as offering significant value. Despite their affordable prices, the servers show reliable performance and resilience against potential DDoS attacks.

In terms of pricing, the options vary widely depending on the specific requirements of the user with prices beginning from as low as €70 per month. This variability makes Hostkey an affordable choice for small businesses and individual users who require advanced GPU hosting services.

One important advantage of Hostkey is the range of server options they provide. Their offerings cater to a variety of needs and requirements, resulting in an appreciable level of customer satisfaction.

However, while the company does have its strengths, it’s been reported that it can struggle with occasional technical issues and downtime. This, along with the occasionally slow response time from customer support, could potentially disrupt operations and cause frustration for users.

Despite this, Hostkey continues to be a strong choice for users looking for a trustworthy and affordable GPU hosting solution.

3. OVHCloud

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  • Wide range of GPU-focused instances
  • Integration with NVIDIA NGC for easy access to AI frameworks
  • Provides up to four NVIDIA cards with guaranteed performance
  • Certified for ISO/IEC 27001, 27701 and health data hosting compliance
  • Starting at $0.77/hour
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  • Affordable GPU cloud hosting
  • Optimized for AI and deep learning applications
  • Scalability and customizability of resources
  • User-friendly interface and experience


  • Uses slightly outdated NVIDIA GPUs
  • Mixed customer reviews
  • Limited geographical reach of data centers
  • Lack of specific CPU information

OVHCloud is known for its range of affordable GPU-centric cloud servers, designed with the power of NVIDIA graphic processors. These have proven to be especially useful for tasks requiring excessive parallel processing power such as machine learning and deep learning operations.

Through its partnership with NVIDIA NGC, OVHCloud has simplified the access and deployment of GPU-accelerated software containers offering seamless work experience for its users.

What sets OVHCloud apart is the ability to directly deliver NVIDIA cards to the instance via PCI Passthrough, allowing the full power of GPUs to be utilized. Additionally, up to four cards can be connected to combine their performance, further boosting computing power.

Despite being cloud-based, OVHCloud ensures user data’s security and privacy with its ISO/IEC 27001, 27701 and health data hosting compliance.

In terms of pricing, their basic GPU cloud hosting plan starts as low as $0.77/hour, making it arguably one of the most affordable GPU-centric hosting providers in the market.

However, it should be noted that despite OVHCloud’s impressive performance, they currently use somewhat outdated NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. Nevertheless, they still deliver substantial compute potency to fulfill the needs of most applications.

Overall, with its commitment to performance and affordability, OVHCloud proves to be a promising choice for those in need of scalable and flexible GPU cloud hosting services especially for AI and deep learning applications.

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4. Google Cloud

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  • A wide selection of GPUs for a range of performance and price points
  • Flexible pricing and machine customizations
  • Perfectly suitable for high-demand compute jobs like 3D visualization and generative AI
  • Easy GPU setup and use, suitable for users of varying expertise
  • Starting at $0.14 per GPU
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  • Excellent for deep learning work
  • Flexibility in resource selection
  • NVIDIA A100, L4 and other GPU options
  • Access to industry-leading Cloud technologies


  • Limited availability of high-demand GPUs
  • Zonal restrictions on GPU resources
  • Potential issues with quota management
  • Access might be easier for larger organizations

Google Cloud is at the forefront of delivering cost-effective and high-performance GPU hosting solutions. This platform is ideal for running compute-intensive jobs such as machine learning, scientific computing, and generative AI, providing users with a robust and reliable service.

With an array of GPUs including NVIDIA H100, L4, P100, P4, T4, V100, and A100—Google Cloud allows users to choose the right compute options for their specific workloads and budgets.

Besides the power-packed performance, Google Cloud offers flexible pricing and easy machine customization. This means you only pay for what you need, for the time you are using it—no more, no less.

Despite the high demand for resources like the A100 GPUs, Google Cloud ensures availability, albeit occasionally scarce. However, with a range of alternative GPU options such as the L4 GPUs, you can still achieve excellent compute results.

In cases of unavailability, setting up and utilizing GPUs is straight-forward, even for users new to the platform. This ease of use, combined with the platform’s adaptability, makes Google Cloud a top choice for anyone in need of GPU hosting.

Whether you’re working on deep-learning tasks, desire resource flexibility, or seek cost-effective hosting—Google Cloud has you covered.

With a reputation for excellent deep learning support, resource access flexibility, and competitive pricing, Google Cloud continues to be a reliable option for those seeking GPU hosting services.

5. TensorDock

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  • Cheaper GPUs starting at $0.05/hr
  • Industry-leading range of GPU options
  • Secure and Reliable with Tier 3/4 data centers and 99.99% uptime
  • Offers almost infinite scalability with up to 65,000+ available GPUs
  • Starting at $0.05/hour
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  • VMs provisioned within 2 minutes
  • Easy deployment of virtual machines
  • Pre-installed essential software
  • Responsive customer support


  • VMs still charged for storage when turned off
  • Limited global reach and higher latency for non-US users
  • Complex setup process for casual users
  • Potential additional cost elements

TensorDock is a preferred choice for those who are seeking an affordable, yet powerful GPU hosting service. With GPUs that are 80% cheaper than other cloud services and with prices as low as $0.05/hr, TensorDock is an excellent choice for those on a budget.

TensorDock prides itself on making high-end GPU servers more accessible. Users can start with as little as $5 and launch a server in just 30 seconds, adding to its appeal for those seeking quick and easy setup.

Users also benefit from the industry’s widest range of GPU options, from NVIDIA T4s to H100s. This variety allows users to choose the GPU that best suits their needs.

With procedures optimized for swift VM deployment, setting up a virtual machine is straightforward and rapid, with VMs ready to use in just around 2 minutes. Moreover, VMs come equipped with essential software pre-installed, reducing setup time and effort.

Despite its affordability, TensorDock does not compromise on reliability or security. It partners with leading suppliers with proven uptimes and advanced security measures. Users can rest assured by its 99.99% uptime, ensuring resources are available when needed.

In terms of scalability, TensorDock shines with up to 65,000+ GPUs available through its platform and its partners. This almost infinite scalability makes TensorDock an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

While TensorDock has many advantages, potential users should also be aware of certain limitations such as the additional costs incurred for VM storage when not in use and latency issues for non-US users. Despite these potential drawbacks, its affordable pricing and vast array of GPU options make TensorDock a highly attractive option in the GPU hosting market.


In conclusion, cheap GPU hosting offers an accessible gateway to high-performance computing for a diverse range of applications, from AI and machine learning to 3D rendering and scientific simulations. This article has guided you through the top affordable GPU hosting services available in 2024, highlighting their key features, pricing, and what users should consider when choosing a provider.

Whether you’re a solo developer, a growing startup, or a researcher, these GPU hosting options provide the computational power needed to drive your projects forward without the hefty investment traditionally associated with high-end computing resources.

Remember, the best choice depends on your specific needs, including performance requirements, budget constraints, and scalability. By carefully considering these factors, you can select a GPU hosting service that not only fits your budget but also supports your projects’ growth and success.

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