5 Best GPU Servers for Streaming 2024 (Compared)

Here is the list of the best GPU Servers for streaming that we have compared to make it simple to choose the best one.

The Top 5 Best GPU Serves for Streaming

1. OVHCloud

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  • Integrated NVIDIA graphic processors for parallel processing
  • Cloud-based solution with on-demand resources and hourly billing
  • Optimized for machine learning and deep learning
  • Secure hosting with ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701 certification
  • Starting at $1.97/hour
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  • Highly optimized for GPU-accelerated tasks
  • Offers flexibility and scalability
  • User-friendly interface with easy setup
  • Supports various AI frameworks


  • Outdated hardware with lack of specific CPU info
  • Mixed customer reviews with potential data security concerns

OVHCloud specializes in creating cloud servers designed for processing massively parallel tasks. They primarily integrate the use of NVIDIA graphic processors, making them particularly suitable for tasks that require machine learning and deep learning. As these servers are part of the OVHCloud solution, they also provide the flexibility of on-demand resources and billing by the hour.

The OVHCloud servers offer a range of GPUs, some of the most powerful on the market. These are purpose-built for datacentre operations, speeding up calculations for artificial intelligence (AI), 3D rendering, and graphics processing. They also offer seamless integration with NVIDIA NGC to provide a best-in-class GPU-accelerated platform, perfect for deep learning and high-performance computing.

Furthermore, their cloud infrastructures and services maintain ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701 certifications, ensuring robust information security management system and privacy information management system. This allows the secure hosting of healthcare data, among other sensitive information.

In terms of pricing, OVHCloud offers various plans starting as low as $1.97/hour, catering to different needs and budgets. They also provide option to scale up with up to four NVIDIA cards connected to combine their performance, fully dedicating their computing power to user applications.

Despite some challenges with outdated hardware and mixed customer reviews, OVHCloud continues to offer a robust infrastructure solution for those dealing with high-intensity, GPU-accelerated demands. By focusing on GPU-powered instances, and machine learning and AI applicability, OVHCloud offers a distinct service for streaming and other parallel processing tasks.

2. Paperspace

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  • Offers infinite compute with GPUs and IPUs
  • Extremely cost-effective with savings up to 70%
  • Offers on-demand pricing with no commitments
  • Perfect for AI developers with preinstalled ML frameworks
  • Starting at $0.07/hour
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent performance for computationally intensive tasks
  • Value for money
  • Flexible, scalable platform suitable for various requirements


  • Difficulties with Conda environments
  • Auto-shutdown limitations in lower-tier plans
  • Occasional customer service and billing issues
  • Potential lag on lower-tier machines

Paperspace is a remarkable hosting provider that delivers infinite compute capabilities at remarkably low costs. Specializing in GPU and IPU-based computing, Paperspace offers an unmatched developer experience.

Paperspace is particularly suited for AI developers owing to its powerful, no-fuss environment and ready-to-use templates. This platform is also preloaded with major machine learning frameworks, ensuring a smooth startup.

In terms of pricing, Paperspace stands out with its per-second billing and potential savings of up to 70% on compute costs compared to traditional hosting solutions or owning servers.

Besides, the provisioning of dedicated GPUs at as low as $0.07/hour, coupled with on-demand pricing and no-commitment policy, makes Paperspace an ideal choice for on-demand, scalable computing needs.

The platform also features an auto-shutdown feature that helps manage costs by shutting down machines when not in use. This feature becomes crucial when using Paperspace for streaming or gaming, as these activities demand high and consistent performance.

Despite some noted cons like issues with Conda Environments and occasional customer service lapses, Paperspace remains a reliable, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution for endless compute.

3. Gpu-Mart

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  • Support 19+ latest GPU models like RTX 4060, A6000, etc.
  • Support 8+ GPU use scenarios, including live streaming, gaming, and deep learning
  • Offers 20+ GPU computing applications
  • Provides 24/7/365 technical support
  • Starting at $21.00/month
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  • Specializes in GPU hosting services
  • Suitable for high-performance tasks
  • Flexible scalability options
  • Affordable GPU server rental plans


  • Costly for dedicated GPU hosting
  • Hardware maintenance can be complex

Known for their proficiency in GPU Hosting, Gpu-Mart is a logical choice for tech enthusiasts who require high-performance computing for their projects. They boast cutting-edge infrastructure that supports an impressive range of 19+ GPU models, providing a robust environment for even the most demanding computational tasks.

One of the prime use-case scenarios for Gpu-Mart’s services is live streaming, thanks to their powerful servers and reliable GPUs which ensure smooth and quality broadcasts. If you are a gamer or a content creator, you’ll find their services apt for your needs.

With Gpu-Mart, you can leverage their wide variety of GPU computing applications such as Tensorflow, Pytorch, C4D, OBS, Bluestacks, LDPlayer, etc. This contributes a great deal towards increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your work.

Price-wise, Gpu-Mart is a sound choice with their plans starting at $21.00 per month. This makes their services accessible for many users who need robust computing power without breaking the bank.

They offer servers optimized for various scenarios like Gaming, Streaming, Deep Learning, and more, coupled with multi-choice GPU models like RTX 4060, RTX 3060Ti, RTX A6000 and RTX 4090. Their tech support is reliable and useful, resolving issues promptly so your work remains uninterrupted.

With a reputation of providing a high uptime guarantee, scalability, and efficient technical support, Gpu-Mart continues to be an effective option for those seeking high-performance GPU hosting solutions.

4. Cherry Servers

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  • Dedicated GPU Servers and Hosting for high-performance computations
  • A myriad of GPU accelerators to choose from
  • Add up to 1536GB RAM to your dedicated server
  • Interconnect your servers on a robust 10G virtual LAN
  • Up to 100TB of free monthly traffic, and $0,5 / TB for more
  • Starting at $81/month
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  • Reliable service with speedy customer support
  • Supports Crypto Proof of Stake (PoS) Validator
  • No hidden costs or bandwidth issues
  • Easy deployment, with option for cryptocurrency payments


  • Limited SMTP services
  • Occasional delayed server availability
  • Some issues with customer support knowledge
  • Identity verification requirement may be off-putting for some

Cherry Servers is a reputable provider of dedicated GPU Servers and Hosting, offering an ideal ecosystem for running high-performance computations and training machine learning models. They focus on providing single-tenant bare metal servers with no virtualization to deliver raw compute power.

A standout feature of Cherry Servers is the variety of GPU accelerators. Users can select from 4 available GPU accelerators online, customizing a server according to their specific needs. The GPU servers are able support high demand streaming workflows, which ramp up its performance capabilities.

The provider also offers in-memory computing, enabling users to add up to 1536GB RAM to their dedicated server. This, along with a secure data storage options and robust private networking, makes it a solid choice for businesses looking for scalable, high-speed hosting solutions.

When it comes to pricing, Cherry Servers offers multiple flexible plans starting from just $81 per month. This relatively affordable starting point is coupled with a free data allowance of up to 100TB per month, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses with high traffic needs.

In terms of customer feedback, Cherry Servers has drawn praise for their reliable service, quick and effective customer support, and easy-to-deploy servers. However, some users cited limitations with SMTP services and occasional delays in server availability.

Overall, with their combination of powerful features, reliable performance, and competitive pricing, Cherry Servers is a strong contender in the hosting market for businesses with high-performing computational demands.

5. Hostkey

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  • Provides pre-configured and customizable servers for varying needs
  • Offers professional GPU cards like NVIDIA RTX A4000 / A5000 / A6000
  • Specializes in hosting optimized for 3D modeling, rendering, machine learning, VR and working with large data sets
  • Comes with pre-installed software and frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch
  • Pricing starts at € 70/month
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  • Competitively priced with effective performance
  • Dedicated and Reliable server options with high-performance CPUs
  • Affords high load handling capacity for tasks like data crunching and machine learning
  • Flexible plans for diverse server options


  • Occasional downtime and technical issues
  • Slow response times from customer support
  • Certain server performance issues like CPU bottlenecks
  • Some customers reported issues with staff professionalism and transparency

Hostkey hosting is known for delivering high-performing server services catering particularly to extensive tasks like 3D modeling, rendering, machine learning, VR applications, and data handling. To achieve optimal performance for such tasks, Hostkey offerings include the use of professional GPU cards such as the RTX A4000 / A5000 / A6000 series.

With fast NVMe storage and high-performance CPUs, Hostkey servers are engineered to handle high-load tasks efficiently. They also offer unmetered 1 Gbps connections for seamless data transfer.

They offer a variety of server configurations starting from € 70/month, with options to customize your choice for specific requirements, enhancing the versatility and applicability across a wide range of tasks.

Along with hardware, Hostkey also provides pre-installed software and frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, and Caffe2 to further assist in tasks like machine learning and data processing.

Considering the rigorous requirements of tasks like streaming, Hostkey’s robust server configurations can deliver impressive performance. Issues like downtime and slow customer service response times might be a downside, but the overall effective performance and reliability of Hostkey, along with competitive pricing makes it a favorable choice in the hosting market.

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