OVHcloud GPU Server Hosting Review 2024

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  • High-performance NVIDIA GPUs
  • Flexible hourly or monthly billing
  • Robust infrastructure with global data centers
  • Comprehensive API for automation
  • Starting from $3.07/hour
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  • Access to cutting-edge NVIDIA GPUs
  • Flexible and scalable resources
  • Extensive network with low latency
  • Highly secure and compliant infrastructure


  • Learning curve for cloud management tools
  • Limited support for specialized use cases


OVHCloud is a global cloud provider that offers GPU hosting as part of its Public Cloud services. It leverages high-performance NVIDIA GPUs to cater to computing-intensive applications such as machine learning, data analysis, and graphics rendering.

With its robust infrastructure and global data centers, OVHCloud ensures high availability and low latency for your projects. The service is designed for flexibility, allowing users to choose between hourly or monthly billing to best suit their project’s scale and duration.

OVHCloud’s GPU hosting is complemented by a comprehensive API, enabling automation and easy integration with existing systems.


OVHCloud GPU hosting stands out with its selection of high-performance NVIDIA GPUs, designed to accelerate computing tasks efficiently. Users benefit from a flexible billing model, choosing what best fits their project’s needs without long-term commitments.

The infrastructure is built to be resilient and secure, with data centers spread across the globe to ensure data sovereignty and compliance with local regulations. OVHCloud’s extensive network backbone guarantees low latency, making it an ideal choice for real-time applications.

Automation and scalability are at the heart of OVHCloud’s offerings, with a powerful API that facilitates easy management of resources, allowing for seamless scaling as project demands increase.


OVHCloud offers competitive pricing for its GPU hosting services, with transparent costs and no hidden fees. Pricing is flexible, allowing customers to choose between hourly and monthly billing based on their usage patterns and project requirements.

Pricing Table

NameMemoryvCoreGPUStoragePublic networkPrivate networkPrice
a100-180180 GB15A100 80 GB300 GB NVMe8 Gbps8 Gbps max.$3.07
a100-360360 GB302×A100 80 GB500 GB NVMe16 Gbps16 Gbps max.$6.15
a100-720720 GB604×A100 80 GB500 GB NVMe25 Gbps25 Gbps max.$12.29
h100-380380 GB30H100 80 GB50 GB SSD + 3.84 TB NVMe8 Gbps8 Gbps max.$2.99
h100-760760 GB602×H100 80 GB50 GB SSD + 2 x 3.84 TB NVMe16 Gbps16 Gbps max.$5.98
h100-15201.52 TB1204×H100 80 GB50 GB SSD + 4 x 3.84 TB NVMe25 Gbps25 Gbps max.$11.97
t1-4545 GB8Tesla V100 16 GB400 GB SSD2 Gbps guaranteed4 Gbps max.$1.97
t1-9090 GB182×Tesla V100 16 GB800 GB SSD4 Gbps guaranteed4 Gbps max.$3.94
t1-180180 GB364×Tesla V100 16 GB50 GB SSD + 2 x 2 TB10 Gbps4 Gbps max.$7.89
t1-le-4545 GB8Tesla V100 16 GB300 GB SSD2 Gbps guaranteed4 Gbps max.$0.77
t1-le-9090 GB162×Tesla V100 16 GB400 GB SSD4 Gbps guaranteed4 Gbps max.$1.55
t1-le-180180 GB324×Tesla V100 16 GB400 GB SSD10 Gbps4 Gbps max.$3.10
t2-4545 GB15Tesla V100S 32 GB400 GB SSD2 Gbps guaranteed4 Gbps max.$2.19
t2-9090 GB302×Tesla V100S 32 GB800 GB SSD4 Gbps guaranteed4 Gbps max.$4.38
t2-180180 GB604×Tesla V100S 32 GB50 GB SSD + 2 x 2 TB NVMe10 Gbps4 Gbps max.$8.76
t2-le-4545 GB15Tesla V100S 32 GB300 GB SSD2 Gbps guaranteed4 Gbps max.$0.88
t2-le-9090 GB302×Tesla V100S 32 GB500 GB SSD4 Gbps guaranteed4 Gbps max.$1.76
t2-le-180180 GB604×Tesla V100S 32 GB500 GB SSD10 Gbps4 Gbps max.$3.53

Global Reach

With data centers in strategic locations around the world, OVHCloud ensures that your applications run close to your users, reducing latency and improving performance. This global footprint supports a wide range of industries and use cases, from gaming to scientific research.


OVHCloud’s GPU hosting combines the power of NVIDIA GPUs with the flexibility of cloud infrastructure, making it a compelling choice for projects requiring high computational power. Its global reach, competitive pricing, and robust security measures position OVHCloud as a leading provider for GPU-accelerated cloud services.

While there is a learning curve associated with cloud management tools and some limitations for highly specialized use cases, the overall offering is well-suited for a wide range of applications, from AI and machine learning to 3D rendering and financial modeling.

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