HostKey GPU Hosting Review 2024

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  • Diverse range of NVIDIA GPU options
  • Customizable server configurations
  • Direct peering with major internet exchanges
  • 24/7 customer support and technical assistance
  • Starting from $170/month
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  • High-performance GPUs suitable for AI, ML, and VFX
  • Extensive customization to meet specific project needs
  • Reliable network connectivity with low latency
  • Competitive pricing for high-end server solutions


  • Custom configurations may lead to longer setup times
  • Some services and features might be complex for beginners


Hostkey offers a comprehensive range of dedicated GPU servers, catering to businesses and professionals with high-demand computing needs. Specializing in NVIDIA GPU options, Hostkey provides powerful server solutions for applications in AI, machine learning, video processing, and visual effects production.

With a focus on performance and reliability, Hostkey ensures that clients can customize their server configurations to match specific requirements, offering a balance between computing power and budget considerations. Direct peering with major internet exchanges enhances network connectivity, ensuring low latency and high-speed data transfer.


Hostkey’s dedicated GPU servers are equipped with the latest NVIDIA GPUs, providing the computational power needed for intensive tasks. Clients have the flexibility to customize their server setups, including choice of GPU model, RAM, storage, and network options, to create the ideal environment for their projects.

Their infrastructure is designed for high reliability and performance, with direct peering arrangements that ensure optimal network speeds and low latency connections to major internet exchanges worldwide.

Round-the-clock customer support and technical assistance are available, guaranteeing that any issues are swiftly addressed, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.


Hostkey offers flexible pricing models for its dedicated GPU servers, with options ranging from monthly plans to custom configurations tailored to specific project needs. This approach allows businesses to optimize their investment, ensuring access to high-performance computing resources at competitive rates.

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Why Choose Hostkey?

For businesses in need of robust, high-performance GPU computing capabilities, Hostkey presents a compelling option. Their dedicated GPU servers, customizable configurations, and direct network peering provide a solid foundation for demanding computing tasks. Coupled with competitive pricing and dedicated support, Hostkey is well-suited to meet the needs of professionals and organizations across various industries.


Hostkey’s dedicated GPU server offerings stand out for their performance, customization options, and network reliability. Whether for AI research, graphic rendering, or any other compute-intensive application, Hostkey provides the resources and support necessary to achieve project goals efficiently and effectively.

While the breadth of options and customizability is a significant advantage, potential clients should consider the setup times and complexity of custom configurations. Overall, Hostkey’s dedicated GPU servers offer a powerful solution for high-demand computing tasks, backed by expert support and competitive pricing.

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