Vultr GPU Hosting Review 2024

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  • Global access to the latest NVIDIA GPUs
  • Flexible provisioning for AI/ML, AR/VR, and more
  • Available as virtual machines or bare metal
  • Support for both small-scale and large-scale projects
  • Custom pricing based on configuration and usage
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  • Wide range of NVIDIA GPU options
  • Flexible and on-demand provisioning
  • Global availability across six continents
  • Support for a variety of compute-intensive workloads


  • Custom pricing may be complex to predict
  • May require technical knowledge to optimize configurations


Vultr’s Cloud GPU offerings, powered by NVIDIA, are designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals requiring high-performance computing across a variety of applications, including AI/ML, AR/VR, high-performance computing, VDI/CAD, and more. With global access to the latest NVIDIA GPUs, Vultr enables on-demand provisioning of virtual machines or bare metal, catering to both small-scale and large-scale projects.

The platform simplifies access to compute-intensive resources, making it easier for organizations of all sizes to leverage the power of GPUs for their specific needs without the upfront investment in physical hardware.


Vultr distinguishes itself with a comprehensive lineup of NVIDIA GPUs, including the GH200, HGX H100, A100, L40S, A40, and A16 models, each tailored for different computing demands. This lineup supports a wide range of applications from large-scale AI model training and inference to professional graphics and virtual desktop infrastructure.

With a focus on flexibility and scalability, Vultr offers these GPUs on a global scale, ensuring that users can access the computing power they need, when they need it, without worrying about geographical limitations.

Customer support and technical guidance are readily available, helping users navigate the complexities of cloud-based GPU provisioning and optimization for their specific projects.


Vultr’s Cloud GPU services are priced based on the specific configuration and usage, allowing for a custom approach that matches the diverse needs and budget constraints of its users. This model ensures that customers pay only for the resources they use, providing a cost-effective solution for accessing high-end GPU resources.

Why Choose Vultr Cloud GPU?

For businesses and individuals in need of reliable, high-performance computing resources, Vultr’s Cloud GPU offerings stand out as a premier choice. With its wide selection of NVIDIA GPUs, global availability, and flexible provisioning options, Vultr democratizes access to advanced computing resources, enabling innovation and efficiency across a broad spectrum of applications.


Vultr’s Cloud GPU service is a compelling option for anyone looking to leverage the power of NVIDIA GPUs for compute-intensive workloads. With its user-friendly approach, global reach, and flexible pricing, Vultr provides a valuable resource for accelerating computing tasks, from AI and machine learning to graphics and data analysis. While navigating the pricing model and optimizing configurations may require some technical knowledge, the benefits of accessing state-of-the-art GPU technology on demand are significant.

Considering the balance of accessibility, performance, and cost, Vultr’s Cloud GPU offerings represent a strategic choice for driving forward the most demanding computing projects.

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