5 Best NVIDIA GPU Hosting (Compared) 2024

Here is the list of the best Nvidia GPU hosting providers compared and ranked based on their features, pricing, user rating, pros, and cons.

The Top 5 Best GPU Nvidia Hosting

1. GPU Mart

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  • Professional GPU Hosting provider for high-performance computing projects
  • Supports 19+ latest GPU models, including Nvidia models
  • Offers solutions for diverse use cases like deep learning, live streaming, gaming, among others
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Starting at $21.00/month
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  • Cost-effective GPU hosting solutions
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • USA data center locations for optimal speed and low latency
  • Customizable hardware configurations


  • Specialized GPU hardware can be expensive, requiring careful budget planning
  • High network latency can affect real-time data processing and communication
  • Maintaining and updating GPU hardware can be technically challenging

GPU Mart is a professional GPU hosting provider designed for high-performance computing projects. With a focus on providing advanced infrastructure, this is the go-to option for those requiring power and speed for complex applications.

Offering support for more than 19 latest GPU models, including several from Nvidia, GPU Mart has a solution for diverse computing needs. Whether you’re developing deep learning algorithms, running gaming servers, executing Android simulations, or conducting live streaming services, this provider offers optimized servers for impressive processing times and reliable uptime.

The firm’s dedication to customer service is evident in its extensive technical support, which is accessible 24/7. Most issues can be resolved within an hour, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your hosted systems.

GPU Mart’s pricing starts as low as $21 per month and they offer a wide range of plans to match different demands and budgets. From the Express GPU VPS-K620 plan ideal for beginners, to the more robust Multi-GPU-RTX A6000 plan for demanding projects, there’s a solution for everyone.

Notably, GPUMart provides users with authority over their Root/Admin access, an assortment of options for both Windows and Linux operating systems, and multiple data center locations in the USA for optimal speed and low latency experiences. It’s clear that GPU Mart is not only a service provider but a partner invested in your project’s success.

With its cost-effective plans, robust GPU options, and excellent customer service, GPU Mart stands apart as an exemplary provider for GPU hosting services.

2. Cherry Servers

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  • Cost-effective high-performance computations
  • Fast server deployment (2 to 24 hours)
  • In-memory computing abilities with up to 1536GB RAM
  • Multiple GPU accelerators for specialized tasks
  • Private networking for secure data communication
  • Free data flow up to 100TB, affordable thereafter
  • Starting at $81/month
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  • Reliable and Affordable Cloud Servers
  • Selection of GPU accelerators
  • Supports cryptocurrency payments
  • No hidden costs


  • Limited SMTP Services
  • Sometimes delayed server availability
  • Identity verification requirements

Cherry Servers emerges as a powerful and cost-efficient solution for high-performance computing tasks, including running intensive computations and training machine learning models. Their dedicated GPU servers utilize Nvidia accelerators, which range from the Tesla P4 and Quadro models to the A-series Tensor Cores, to deliver high-class performance for specific tasks.

With Cherry Servers, customizing your server is a breeze. The company offers a variety of options to boost your machine’s computing power, including a wide array of GPUs, ample in-memory computing capability up to 1536GB RAM, secure data storage options, and the establishment of a robust 10G virtual LAN for secure networking.

Thanks to the single-tenant bare metal servers, users can harness raw computing power, free from the constraints of virtualization. Moreover, the provider ensures a rapid deployment of your custom server in just 2 to 24 hours.

The pricing, starting at $81 per month, is notably competitive. Despite the competitive pricing, Cherry Servers still leaves room for ample customization. With plans ranging from 2-core to 24-core servers, their offer takes into account a diverse range of computing needs. Additionally, they provide a generous amount of free data flow, with up to 100TB of free monthly traffic.

However, some users have pointed out that their SMTP services are quite limiting, and that the identity verification requirements may be bothersome. Despite these concerns, Cherry Servers has been lauded for its reliability and affordability, making it a potential contender for businesses seeking cost-effective high-performance hosting solutions.

3. Hostkey

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  • Powerful Nvidia GPU servers
  • Fast NVMe disks with substantial storage
  • Professionally equipped GPU cards for high-performance
  • Free 1 Gbps unmetered connection
  • Starting at €70/month
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  • Competitive pricing for top-tier hardware
  • Reliable and stable server performance
  • Effective handling of DDoS attacks
  • A wide variety of server options


  • Occasional technical issues and downtime
  • Customer support could be more responsive
  • Network performance may degrade over time
  • Identity verification process can lead to service suspension

Hostkey is well known for its commitment to providing high-powered, reliable, and efficient hosting solutions. It employs Nvidia GPUs, which are ideal for challenging tasks such as 3D modeling, large data set processing, machine learning, and rendering.

Alongside GPU power, Hostkey ensures fast operation with high-performance CPUs and speedy NVME disks with ample storage. Its servers are efficient and robust, designed to handle diverse loads, thereby ideal for businesses needing extensive computational requirements.

Hostkey is also noted for its response to DDoS attacks, maintaining server stability even in the face of security threats. This robustness makes it a reliable choice for those who prioritize security in their hosting solution.

The company offers a variety of server options at different price points, providing something for different hosting needs and budgetary constraints. Moreover, they provide pre-installed frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, adding value for users involved in AI and machine learning tasks.

Despite some reported issues with customer support response times and occasional technical hiccups, Hostkey still offers a strong value proposition with powerful hardware, robust performance, and competitive pricing.

As a result, those needing high-performance GPU power for their hosting, with a free 1 Gbps connection and a service that is robust even when facing security threats, should strongly consider Hostkey as their hosting provider.

4. Google Cloud

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  • High-performance GPUs for machine learning and generative AI
  • Flexible pricing and machine customizations
  • A range of GPU types for various performance needs
  • Access to industry-leading storage, networking, and data analytics technologies
  • Starting at $0.14/month
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  • High-performance GPUs
  • Per-second billing
  • Ease of setup and use
  • Wide range of GPU types


  • Scarcity of GPUs
  • Availability issues in specific zones
  • Quota limitations
  • Lack of transparency in availability

Google Cloud is known for delivering high-performance GPUs suitable for a range of tasks, including machine learning, scientific computing, and generative AI. With a range of NVIDIA GPU types like T4, P4, V100, and A100, Google Cloud provides multiple performance options to match diverse user needs and budgets.

The great benefit here is the flexible pricing and machine customizations provided, which allow users to optimally balance processor, memory, high-performance disk, and up to 8 GPUs per instance according to their workload needs.

Moreover, Google Cloud’s per-second billing feature ensures users only pay for what they need while they are using it, adding to the platform’s cost-effectiveness.

However, there are some potential drawbacks with Google Cloud, including the reported scarcity of high-demand GPUs like A100 and availability issues in specific zones. Additionally, some users have brought up concerns about quota limitations and the lack of transparency about GPU availability across different zones.

Notheless, Google Cloud remains an accessible and scalable platform that offers a plethora of advanced features, making it a preferred choice for those looking to run GPU workloads for tasks like deep learning, data analytics, or 3D visualization.

5. TensorDock

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  • 80% Cheaper GPUs
  • VMs deployed in under 10 seconds
  • Broad range of GPUs from NVIDIA T4s to H100s
  • Secure, Reliable and Infinitely scalable hosting
  • Starting at $0.05/hour
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  • Competitive Pricing
  • Rapid Provisioning
  • Pre-installed Software
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Responsive Support


  • Storage Costs when VM is Off
  • Limited Global Reach
  • Difficulty for Non-US Users
  • Prepaid Model
  • Limited Storage Options

TensorDock serves as an affordable GPU-oriented cloud hosting provider, offering GPU servers at competitive rates. Keeping up with advanced tech giants such as NVIDIA, it provides an array of GPU options from NVIDIA T4s to H100s.

TensorDock stands out for its rapid provisioning system, which sets up VMs in under 10 seconds, offering users near-instant access to their cloud resources. It also comes with pre-installed essential software like Chrome and Parsec, which adds convenience and saves time for users.

Performance-wise, TensorDock has also garnered positive feedback for its smooth gaming experiences, thanks to its high frame rates and minimal input lag. Plus, with flexible configurations, users can adjust their VMs to save costs.

The provider offers a secure and reliable hosting environment, using tier 3/4 data centers and guaranteeing 99.99% uptime. It also provides enterprise-grade hardware for those who need it and caters to a vast range of hosting demands with its 65,000+ GPUs capacity.

TensorDock’s pricing is thrifty and transparent, which makes it an attractive option for those seeking GPU VMs at reasonable rates. Their services start at $0.05 per hour, and they offer several unique services like real-time stock checks and API access for developers.

While it comes with a few drawbacks such as the prepaid model and additional storage costs when VMs are off, TensorDock’s commitment to speedy and affordable GPU server provision makes it an interesting choice for professionals looking to make the most out of their hosting investment.

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